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We are independent Business Plan consultants who appreciate budgetary constraints faced by small business. Our overheads are low and we can pass on this benefit by way of very competitive rates. We provide a credible and affordable alternative to developing your Business Plan yourself. Business-Planners provide specialist services covering Business Plan writing and Business Plan review. We specialize on paper Business Plans for small/medium and start-up businesses.

Success in Business nearly always depends on how your ideas, programs and research are offered. We understand the charged power and need for the written word and how clarity, style, and logic deliver the best results when writing Business Plans. We use our knowledge and experience to understand your specific needs and can ensure that your Business Plans are professional, provided, and persuasive to secure a competitive advantage.

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The main Business Plan writing expert has over 30 years experience in International Banking and starting up small Businesses. He has intensive practical knowledge covering General Management, Strategic Planning, Sales & Marketing, and Operational Management. Skills include excellence in communication, research, financial budgeting, forecasting, and Business Plan writing. Years of working experience means that our Business Plan writing services deliver solutions to your unique needs that recognize challenges and opportunities you face. Every Business Plan we write is specific and completely bespoke.

At one point he previously a thing of statistics. I quickly noticed that they were out of date and inaccurate. For example, they stated the national death rate was 130, per year 000 deaths. In 2010 2010 there were 143,500 deaths, a 1.9% increase from 2009. Deaths in Australia have been increasing typically 0.6% for males and 1.2% for females per year (ABS hyperlink).

The 130,000 fatalities is quite old and does not represent the existing or future people accurately. I won’t go into the error of their numbers too much, but it did annoy me. If you’re going to have facts or figures such as this then provide a source and make sure they are relevant.

Random amounts are useless in support of further the myths about the industry. We then acquired a few questions about ashes, all relevant questions asked were related to personal encounters regarding past cremation of deceased family. It had been amusing when he said that they get calls from real-estate agents and new property owners who found an urn of ashes. They band up being unsure of how to proceed with the ashes.

There was a lot of honor to the questions, many laughed and it was generally quite a happy atmosphere. When everyone finished asking questions we finally got up and went to the trunk room. As we made our way towards the door, I overheard a father tells his child “you shouldn’t be scared”.

It was odd considering the child appeared about 9, and there is nothing to dread in a crematorium. Nothing “think” or “confronting” will be on display. It perfectly captured the perception of hesitation and fear encircling the funeral industry and how this is passed on to the next generation. People were slow and silent as they strolled through the hinged door. They walked with caution and slight trepidation as if death and bodies awaited them.

Instead we joined something quite different. The relative back room was a huge white room, with bright light. As we joined everyone gathered up to a desk with urns on screen, where in fact the talk was continued by him. Explaining how things are done in the crematorium and giving facts about them. Hearing the presentation. The desk with pamphlets and urns. As he explained, there are sometimes way too many coffins to cremate all of them that day. Each day here They can do 24 services, yet can’t cremate 24 bodies per day.

So some are stored in a special cool-holding room. By law the coffin must be cremated within 4 hours of the funeral ending if there is no special cool room. But despite having a cool room the coffin has to be cremated within 48 hours. Sometimes they work back to 11pm or 5am to get all the coffins cremated.