The Letter Barn: Free Sample Letters: 6/14/09

Amtrack Land Corporation, Ayala Land Inc.’s standard-bearer for creativity, invites you to take part as it embarks on continuing the Lake House Villas with the introduction of a residential townhouse concept nothing you’ve seen prior performed in South City. 1. A Sophisticated New Concept in Living – Patterned after the emerging international boutique concept popularized in cities like London, New York, and SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA, Lake House Villas is stylish and designed by famed architectural and interior design firm intelligently. Exclusive, small, customized, and specialized, Lake House Villas will provide residents with a lifestyle like no other.

2. AN EXCELLENT Location – Nestled in the central yet tranquil location, it will be near the intensifying business districts and other commercial, leisure, education, and recreation options. 3. Grand Masterplan – A low-density development with only 3 to 6 systems per cluster oriented from main driveways give Lake House Villas a lush subdivision feel. As a modern-day community highly relevant to the market’s needs, houses with contemporary architecture and well-planned unit layouts shall enhance day-to-day living. 5. Trusted Name – Reliable property programmer Lake House Villas has the best background for value appreciation of investment and keeps value as time passes.

The integrity of the brand is due to our long-term dedication to excellence and quality of life for residents. Added jointly, these elements will offer a unique lifestyle, a prestigious residential address, and a sound investment in the emerging location. We are at the concern offering stage presently, meaning you’ve still got the chance to get the choice units at starting prices.

After the Success of the first Priority offering last June 8 the property is almost 40% sold. We would like to provide you with a slot in the second priority selling on June 30, 2009 with a Letter of Interest. Being the first developer boutique townhouse development in the nationwide country, units will be in short stock and may be availed of by only a lucky few. We hope you could take advantage of this rare offering.

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  • 31-3-2012 Cr. HDFC Bank A/c…………….Rs.20,000

I wish to request for a scheduled appointment within the week or next to be able to offer you a presentation on the house. This is for information purposes only and will not be treated as a dedication to purchase. Please text me your contact details for me personally to give priority to your inquiry. Thank you very much.

India is a complicated country with myriad castes, religions, and languages. The political parties have evolved to handle their needs and give the minority groups a platform and a voice that are heard at the national level. The foreseeable future shall be characterized by coalition politics. It is unlikely that either of both major political parties – the BJP or Congress – will win a majority. It is noticeable, a coalition federal government slows the reform process. However, it is a positive development, that, regardless of the coalition authorities (business lead by either BJP or Congress), we’ve stayed on the path of liberalization.