Social Media Trends To Watch In 2019

According to current figures relating to public media trends, by the year 2020 80% of the full total global internet traffic will be attributed to videos. There is a growing belief among those marketing companies that utilize videos in their campaigns that communications from videos are retained on the minds of their customers. The proof appears to be in the pudding as 73% of business to business organizations who’ve incorporated videos to their marketing promotions are reporting positive results in their ROI.

What makes a successful video? We’re glad you asked! Don’t forget the Wow Factor. Creating a unique video something that has that added shock is always a winner. Forget creating an epic video. Ditch War and Peace. Shorter, the day exact and concise videos earn. Make a great first impression. Make sure you employ your audience within the first seven mere seconds. Yes, it could be used by you with you. Make your video mobile friendly. No-one size matches all. Create different videos with different content platforms.

Jeremiah 18:1-4. In the latter portion of chapter 18, it talks about Israel and how that nation went awry, in the same way I did after salvation. God does bless you, even though you can’t see it or, don’t want to view it. Take me for example, when i had found salvation just, in my previous years, 13 – 14 years of age. I lived with my parents in San Antonio here, Texas.

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  • Know yourself and speak up
  • Desire to be part of a team, pitching in when needed beyond principal job responsibilities
  • Make sure you have enough articles to fulfill your guests

I thought that I was a good Christian. I read my Bible – During cathedral. I prayed – Before almost every food. I needed to see what God could do for me personally – Not the other way around. I even posted my life to God throughout a Revival conference at Fellowship Independent Baptist Church – And that’s where God had me. As you listen to things that I do, you better make sure that you are living in the Will of God because I wasn’t. I was as from God and I believe my family was too much. As I said, my family was not the poster family for living in God’s Will.

I know this from different happenings throughout my more youthful years. I think that God was always on the back burner at this time in my life. Looking on it now back, it was type of like the book of Ruth. As soon as things got a little hard for the Howard’s, I believe, we left the accepted place where God has informed us to stay.

I can keep in mind moving throughout my young years at least ten times, whether in the same town or different states. Although I know one thing for sure now, you can’t move away from God. If you believe in Christ, you can say that the Will is being accompanied by you of God but, you can be as far is far from it. Year of life until almost my 16th year In the later point of my 14th, I felt which i was Samson in Judges 13-16, not in all of the womanizing he did but, in the brute strength that he previously.