How To Print A List Of Songs From My MP3 Player?

Why would I want to print a list of music from my Music player? You have gathered hundreds of tracks on your Music player into different folders and today wish to know what music you have in what folder? Or maybe you want to add new tracks to your MP3 player and aren’t sure whether you currently have the songs in any of your folders. How nice it would be if you could have a printed list of music before you for easy research.

Printing out a music list is also useful if you want to keep those songs in CDs and you don’t want to wait those CDs onto your computer each time you want to read the contents of the CDs. Also, it’s difficult to read the game titles of songs on the tiny LCD display of your Music player when you navigate to a folder of music in your Music player. Possessing an imprinted list with you’ll help you keep tabs on the tunes you want to play. Listed below are two easy methods about how to print a summary of songs from your MP3 player.

The first method would be using free software called MediaMonkey and second, you can also print a list of your songs through Winamp. Download MediaMonkey free version (7.5MB) at the developer’s website. Meanwhile, plug in your MP3 player to your computer’s USB port. It might be named a drive.

Add Tracks to Library. A home window shall open asking you to select folders to be put into the library. You would then want to demand desired song folders in your Music player from where you want to print a song list out. The next step is always to select the tracks you’ll want to print.

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If the list is long, you don’t have to individually choose each track. Just click on the first track, contain the SHIFT key and click on the last track then. All of the tracks among the first and the last tracks would be selected. Create Reports. You would be allowed by This control to create a monitor list in the HTML, XML, CSV, Excel. The simple way to go here is always to print your monitor list in the HTML format. You can simply open the HTML file in your print and browser from there.

Alternatively, you could copy and paste the written text to your term processor chip and remove unneeded details before printing your list out. That is an easy method. The only drawback is you can only create an HTML list. Run Winamp and weight the folder/playlist you want to print. Click on the MISC button and choose the Generate HTML Playlist. Be on your key pad for the same result.