HHCTRL Recurring Alert In Windows Application Log

I have the same problem on my Windows 7 Professional 32-little bit system. As being a test, I visited services.msc, and I halted the Spybot S&D 2 Updating Service. The Application EventLog 1903 entries continuing, when i experienced ended the service even. I did so not reboot after stopping the ongoing service. I checked the started task log (Schtasks /Query /FO /List /V), and the 1903 EventLog entries occur one second following the Updating Service task runs. This leads me to think that it is this task that is producing the HHCTRL entries.

Why will be the EventLog entries being generated? Is the HHCTRL part of HTML Help? I am uncertain. If so, what is Spybot doing that triggers this admittance to be generated? Some earlier poster complained these entries are numerous too, and they may obscure entries that point to real errors. I really do not rely on the EventLog in Windows the same manner I relied on the machine logs on the IBM mainframe or Unix systems on which I used to be an administrator. The reason is that many of the entries haven’t any useful information, as I noted above.

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