Golf Fitness Exercises FOR LADIES Golfers

Golf fitness exercises can be beneficial for the woman golfer in terms of improving the foundation of the golf swing, the rotation in the backswing, acceleration development in the downswing, and a constant finish position. Learn how golf fitness exercises will benefit the girl golfer. Lowering scores and making the game more fun.

It established fact in professional golf how integral golf fitness exercises are for success at the best levels. Men on the PGA Tour and women on the LPGA Tour understand the advantages of golf fitness exercises in attaining success. Outside the circles of professional players many questions can be found about golf fitness exercises.

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Questions such as; what exactly are the best exercises to improve golf fitness levels, are versatility exercises and stretches better than other forms of golf fitness exercises and what are the benefits of golf fitness exercises for the girl golfer? These and many questions surround the topic of golfing fitness. This article is to provide some answers for you on the topic of golf fitness exercises for girl. It has been well recorded in periodicals and television how LPGA women such as Annika Sorenstam utilize fitness programs to benefit their play on the course. Is there a difference between your LPGA player and the amateur woman in relation to golfing fitness training?

The answer is no. Yes, the ladies on the LPGA Tour will be the best women’s golf players in the world, but the physiology of the LPGA beginner and player will be the same. The skeletal, muscular, and neural systems will be the same. The professional player gets the same amount of muscles in their systems as the beginner.

The woman’s professional player has the same skeletal framework as the feminine amateur, and nervous system as well. Granted the LPGA player has better and processed golf swing technicians, but the is the same. As a total result of your body being the same, the principles and structure of a golf fitness program for any woman are similar. Before discussing the specifics of an application for women it is necessary to understand a few important principles.

The first principle to understand about a fitness program is sports specific. Sports specific is a term explaining the kind of training utilized in a golf fitness program. Sport specific training simply states the program utilized by the woman athlete is geared towards enhancing them in their chosen sport. Another principle related to sports-specific training is cross-specificity training closely. Cross specificity training is the use of exercises to build up the girl golfer in the positions, movements, and actions incorporated in the golf swing.

The goal of cross-specificity training is a transfer of training effect to the field of competition. Stated Simply, a transfer of training effect is the power of exercises utilized to train the feminine golfer having a primary benefit on their performance on the course. For instance, golf flexibility exercises will attempt to improve the flexibility within the player. As the player enhances their versatility parameters in relation to the swing.

She might be able to create a more impressive shoulder turn, which may increase the distance of her drives. This benefit is an example of a transfer of training effect onto the golf course. In summary, the three concepts that assist in the development of a golf fitness program for women are; sports activities specific, cross-specificity training, and transfer of training effect.

Many additional concepts exist that are used as recommendations in the introduction of a fitness program, but they are three essential ones. Outside of the guidelines governing the introduction of a golf fitness program for woman. Specific physical components within the body are needed in the body to implement the swing movement correctly. Remember, it’s the body performing the biomechanics of the swing.

In order for the golf swing to be performed correctly and effectively certain levels of flexibility, balance, strength, stamina, and power are required. They are the actual physical components within the golfer a fitness program looks to build up and enhance regarding the golf swing. The swing requires the physical body to go through an extended flexibility for a competent motion that occurs.