F1 – 2019 British Grand Prix Saturday Press Conference Transcript

Q: Valtteri Bottas, pole position here at Silverstone. It’s been a while – Barcelona your last one – nevertheless, you must be particularly proud of that one? Valtteri BOTTAS: Yeah, it feels very good. It reminds you of why you do that just, these types of feelings, but yeah, it’s been fairly close all weekend, today and, with Lewis and really, pleased to get a good lap and be on pole really. Q: Put us in the stickpit. You’d the provisional pole you’ll go through the overlay and realise that Lewis experienced made a mistake at Brooklands and you know you have to dig deep and discover something.

You didn’t have the ability to improve on that time but where was your mind on the lap in conditions of know how good the prior one was? VB: Yeah, I knew the first lap was good but it had not been perfect. I will have improved on the next run Truthfully. I didn’t quite get the lap together, especially in the first part of the lap, but I’m enough pleased it was.

It’s not easy to get a good lap together, it’s easy to do errors and I believe everyone was attempting a bit, so happy to be at the top. Q: I’m uncertain the masses are pleased with what you’ve done but congratulations? Q: Lewis Hamilton, it was close and also you proved helpful that hard, but we saw you’d that little wobble in the second-last lap in qualifying. Tell us about your actual ultimate lap, it’s a little gap between you and Valtteri.

Lewis HAMILTON: Yeah, first of all, congratulations to Valtteri, he do a good job throughout qualifying. Not good enough Ultimately, We had worked hard throughout the program but it got a little bit away from us just. We sacrificed a lap in Q2, which could have helped get a reading of where in fact the car was, but we didn’t finish up doing that. At the end I had developed that mistake on the first lap and the next one just wasn’t that great so fair play to Valtteri he do the work.

But it’s an extended race tomorrow, we’ve got a great audience here and ideally I could do something best for them tomorrow. Q: The crowd are willing you on. It’s another grand prix, or could it be? It’s more than simply a grand prix, the British Grand Prix for you? LH: Yeah, completely. It’s the best grand prix of the year and it’s really because of the power the3 people bring.

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These tracks are great layouts and designs and regions of space but without people like this to fill up it up and bring energy it’s nothing. That’s why we’ve got the best enthusiasts in England here. Q: Charles, well done, quickest Ferrari driver but that’s eventually not your goal. We looked through free practice and Ferrari looked like they could concern Mercedes however in the finish it was a tough one for you?

Q: I noticed you having a detailed look at the Mercedes car. This is actually the one time on a weekend when it’s appropriate to be a little bit nosy. Anything standing out there that you want? CL: No, looking at the condition of the tyres just, that’s nothing special. Q: Valtteri, a significant lap by you in the beginning of Q3. Very between you and your team-mate small.

Just how good was that first lap? VB: It was good. Good enough for pole Obviously. There was very little in it between me and Lewis in the long run. But still, entering the second run, there were a couple of place where it was clear there is margin to improve so I wouldn’t say it was a perfect lap, today but I doubt anyone got a perfect lap.

It had not been easy to get everything right and super-sensitive to tiny mistakes occasionally with this new tarmac and also with a bit of wind. But yeah, I’m happy that it was enough and it’s definitely a good feeling. Q: Valtteri, you will have more poles this year than any driver. Is that significant for you and also have you worked specifically on qualifying this year, something more than previous seasons?

VB: It’s not that I have already been specifically been working on it. Obviously you always try to improve your performance both on low- and high-fuel, long and short runs. I think the biggest thing for me to work on is the pure race pace definitely, in a few types of conditions.