Teachers, OMERS Increasing Investments In Growing Private Companies

Two of Canada’s biggest pension plans are increasing their investments in growing private companies, particularly in the technology space, a move that could provide more capital to Canadian business owners. Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan is releasing a new investment department, Teachers’ Innovation Platform, to focus on late-stage venture capital and “development-equity” investments in companies that use technology to disrupt incumbents and create new areas.

Meanwhile, the new Growth Equity division at the Ontario Municipal Employees Retirement System was created to bridge a distance between venture-capital funding of early stage companies and the private-equity investments OMERS makes in competent companies. Still, the new attempts to raise the prospect of the Canadian pensions will maintain the mix for domestic financing offers in the tens of large numbers, or hundreds of millions, of dollars.

They would face international players such as Madison Dearborn Partners and Warburg Pincus, who as yet have had essentially no Canadian competition for home offers. Teachers’ named Olivia Steedman, a 17-year veteran of the plan, as a senior managing director in charge of Teachers Innovation Platform. Ms. Steedman will be accountable to main investment official Ziad Hindo.

The department begins with 10 people, but Teachers’ says it has the potential to increase in two to three years predicated on opportunities. Teachers’ isn’t starting out with a specific amount of capital for this, but Mr. Hindo says “we’re very committed to it. Ms. Steedman says the program has been looking at such companies for some time now. Mr. Hindo says the section will build expertise that it can talk about across all of Teachers’ departments and asset classes. OMERS Growth Equity is led by Mark Shulgan, hired in 2018 from Canada Pension Plan Investment Board.

The division is a repositioning of an organization called Platform Investments that used various ways of investing, including sending OMERS’ money to outside investment money. Shulgan, who had many years of direct-investing experience at CPPIB. OMERS has a united team of 10 in Development Collateral, a mix of new hires and existing employees, and will commit money as having a need to fund deals. “From an investment size standpoint, we’re seeking to make meaningful investments,” Mr. Shulgan says.

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