Senior Front End Developer At Portable In Fitzroy

Here at Portable we care about the world. We look for areas of social need and plan failing and use our expertise in research, technology, and design to produce a positive impact. Our clients are as passionate, even as we are, and are working in government agencies and nonprofit organizations on projects that are improving the global world.

Our job is to help them specify, design and deliver new products, services, and means of working. You have a good technical background over the whole web stack but are most comfortable on the front end, working with React particularly. You’ll know the right path around Docker and AWS also. You’re comfortable learning new technologies and working in a number of languages.

  • Terraform built conditions
  • From your Dashboard, go to Posts → Add New
  • Customized from scratch, not from a template
  • Customer marketing background
  • Web Components Model powered views
  • Answer questions on Google+

You like to collaborate with your team. You enjoy hearing new ideas and perspectives to bring projects to life, as well as mentoring junior designers to improve their skills. You enjoy employed in multidisciplinary teams, and with clients. While you will love to get stuck into writing code obviously, you’re keen to be involved in design workshops also, ideation conversations and classes with your client. And you’re able to collaboratively build solutions with others; you’ll up speak, offering recommendations and feedback (and seeking feedback too). Worked with the team to do some sprint planning, writing up some seat tickets in Jira and thinking about how you could break up the tasks to provide some learning opportunities to the junior devs.

And planned to have some of your time to be available to coach them while they pair. Watching the lunchtime jogging team run out the entranceway from the comfort of your ergonomic desk seat. You could interact, if you like? 120,000, depending on your degree of experience. We are focused on creating a diverse and identical team – folks from traditionally underrepresented groups are encouraged to apply.

Tell us about something that you’ve been learning recently. The facts, how are you learning it and what made you choose to learn this basic thing? What’s a challenging technical problem you or your team have solved? What made it challenging, how do you solve it and what part do you play? Reveal in regards to a great working relationship you’ve experienced with someone. How do you jointly work? What’s something you learned from that experience?

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