Safety SUGGESTIONS FOR In-Store Makeup Testers At Sephora, Ulta, And Other Retailers

If the news headlines that Sephora was being sued after a woman allegedly contracted herpes from a lipstick tester changed your world ugly, we don’t blame you. Questions over whether makeup testers are actually safe to use defeat the whole reason for a makeup tester, no? Actually, it’s unexpected we don’t listen to about the potential risks of using makeup testers more, based on the experts.

Susie Sobol, a professional makeup artist (whose work has appeared in magazines including Allure and Vogue), tells Allure. In addition, even if you’re anal about using those disposable wands and spoolies to try products, it doesn’t mean the people who’ve attempted it before you are. The reality is, makeup testers can be breeding grounds for bacteria, aesthetic chemist Ginger King tells Allure.

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Cue a collective shudder. A very important thing you can do is arm yourself with the data that bacteria is just about everywhere, Joanna Schlip, professional makeup artist and beauty author, tells Allure. So will this mean you can’t try that new tone of Fenty Mattemoiselle lipstick on the next trip to Sephora? Nearly. We asked the pros for the golden rules of using makeup testers without risking a nasty infection. 1. Some products are safer to try than others.

Since certain products will harbor bacteria, not absolutely all makeup testers bring equal risks. Sobol suggests staying away from anything moist. Bacteria loves moist places – when you have a product that someone, has probably put on their mouth somewhere, there’s a pretty good chance the tester will have picked up a stowaway that could become a whole colony. One of the most dangerous products to try are lipsticks, lip glosses, and mascara given that they involve your eye and your mouth (and potentially the eyes and mouths of strangers) plus they can simply leave you with an infection, explains King. Concealers and highlighters still aren’t a great idea although likely adverse reaction from any bacterias is not as bad.

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