INITIALLY There Was Makeup….

I will always be fascinated with cosmetics. How may I not? I grew up by a female who sold AVON for a long time. I loved when her orders would come in. It had been like Christmas every other week. I’d sneak into the cabinets to look at and sample all the makeup. On special occasions she’d make me so with tinted lip gloss and blush quite.

Ahhh, my first love; makeup! I was pretty simple with makeup at first. I wanted all the new lipgloss scents; Cherry, Bubblegum, Grape, Strawberry, Chocolate. I loved it all. That’s about as fancy as it got as an elementary girl. By the time I reached junior high, I wasn’t allowed to wear makeup, but would sneak it on when I got on the bus, and made sure it was off after I returned home.

That was nothing though. A little mood lipstick that turned a horrible color of pink. In high school, which at the moment was about 1996, I got fancy really. I started wearing gold lipstick with brown lip liner. You couldn’t tell me anything. Such a tragedy. I didn’t have a hint. I knew I wanted to wear makeup, but I didn’t know the place to start.

I have been programmed that Black women didn’t wear shiny colored eyesight shadows, and we looked better in natural colors. So I kept my neutral colors until I graduated from senior high school in 1999. That is when my eyes were opened to so much more. Being a graduation present, my mother took me on a shopping spree.

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She I want to choose whatever I needed and she got it for me. I got shoes, purses, jewelry, clothes, however the most sensible thing was my first visit to M.A.C.! I put never seen so much makeup in so many BEAUTIFUL colors in my own life. I was excited instantly. I had my face done by the woman who taught me a lot, Little Rock. That is the only name she actually is known by me by, but I think she still works for MAC as a beauty trainer on the corporate level.

When I met her she was wearing Electric Eel eyeshadow, the most lovely shade of turquoise blue. But hold up, I used to be voodoo not there yet! So, I started simple. I acquired Tanarama lipstick, Amber Lights eyeshadow (e/s), Goldmine e/s, carbon e/s, dark mascara, cork lip liner, and Margin blush.

I also learned that the key to good makeup application is a superb clean. 213 fluff brushes. That’s when my obsession began. Every month and added something new to my collection, I went back nearly, checking out different colors and looks, and techniques. After a couple of years of purchasing only MAC makeup, I had quite the collection of makeup and brushes. I started playing around on friends, not because I had been an excellent artist at this true point, but because I had formed much any color pretty, and easily didn’t own it, could blend to make it.

It wasn’t long after graduating from senior high school, two years maybe, which I was ready for Electric Eel, and other shiny hot colors. THEREFORE I thank Little Rock, my makeup designer mentor, for showing me my full potential. I used to be taken by her from a plain lady who only wanted neutrals, to be outgoing in my makeup personality.

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