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Very few things are as romantic as taking periods to give your lover a nice calming massage. Not absolutely all folks are been trained in the art of therapeutic massage, but in this instance it is the thought that matters truly. A back rub that is delivered with love and care very rarely goes wrong. A fragrant oil helps it be all the more pleasant but be sure you keep the fragrance light.

Too much can be overpowering if you are covering large areas and if using essential oils (of course!) it can reach to be too much. 10 drops of essential oil per ounce of carrier oil is about the correct strength. 2 ounces Sweet Almond Oil (almost any vegetable oil will do, however the almond is special to the goddess of love).

Blend ingredients and invite to rest for a few days so that the scents mingle. Placed into a bottle that is quite – but useful. A top which allows just a few drops to come out at the same time is very useful. Remember to pour the oil into the hand to warm it always, rather than dropping it right onto your skin you are going to massage. Candles scented with the fundamental natural oils of rose, jasmine, ylang ylang, cardamom, oakmoss, patchouli, during this night you have spent time considering and/or sandalwood would be lovely to burn. The same fragrances in the form of incense can also be used. A good light dinner and CD of Native American flute music complete the mood.

In some instances, a pressure-sensitive insight device might be applied. In such embodiments, the alpha value for just about any given makeup image (or individual layers in the makeup image) may be predicated on both the configured virtual makeup product as well as the detected force applied via the input. The aforementioned process of applying a virtual makeup product has been explained in the context of the program over a single two dimensional (2D) digital image, however this explanation is for illustrative purposes and should not be construed as restricting.

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For example, given sufficient processing capabilities, the described techniques can also be applied to some image structures that form a video. FIG. 5 is a movement chart describing an example process 500 for acquiring parts of interest from basics image, for example, of the individual face. As shown in FIG. 5, processes 500 starts with acquiring basics image 502. At step 504, a facial feature detection process is applied to detect the face and/or specific features of the face automatically.

For example, STASM can be an open source program that may be utilized to come back certain landmarks in a face predicated on an electronic image or video. Similarly, Landmark is another open up source package that may be utilized for performing automated facial feature recognition. A person having a common skill will recognize these are two types of facial feature recognition resources that may be used and are not intended to be restricting.

In certain embodiments, image pre-processing might be applied to aid in the facial feature recognition process. If the facial features are accurate and detected, process 500 continues to step 512 where data from the detected facial features (i.e., region(s) of interest) is output for use in applying digital makeup effects. In a few embodiments, the precision of the recognized face features may be determined based on a user insight indicative of a confirmation that the recognized features are accurate. In some embodiments, following an initial cosmetic feature recognition process at step 504, a user might be offered a choice at step 510 to provide refining changes.

For example, FIG. 6 shows a display capture of a good example graphical user interface 606 through which a consumer may change region boundaries following facial feature recognition. FIG. 7A shows a good example set of regions of interest that may be defined predicated on the previously explained feature detection process. In some embodiments, software of a virtual makeup product in particular regions of a face can include multiple composed styles that form the makeup image. FIG. 7B illustrates how forms (e.g., predicated on a number of masked filters) can be combined to form a makeup image to overlay in a particular region of a face depicted in basics image.

The previously explained process for cosmetic feature detection was provided for illustrative purposes, however a person having a common skill will appreciate than any number of other process for facial feature recognition may be employed. For example, depending on the device, some video cameras may include built in facial feature recognition capabilities and may perform a number of of the previously referred to steps.

FIGS. 9A-9L show some screen catches of an example graphical interface for virtual makeup software. The example graphical user interface may be shown to a user of a litigant device 102 with a website or a virtual makeup program instantiated at your client device. FIG. 9A shows an example screen capture 900a of the example graphical user interface. As shown in the screen catch 900a, the user interface may include an option 902 (e.g., by means of a button) that allows a consumer to load an image for use as the bottom image.