Sparkles & Spinach

I can’t believe it’s been so long since my last post. The holidays flew by! I’m so excited to talk about this post with you! I have been lusting after, coveting really actually, this one specific beauty device for quite some time. After a summer spent running outside without added sunblock and furrowing from the sun, September, and a 35th birthday this past, my skin has been left looking such as a hot mess. More specifically a vertical series starting forming above my still left brow (the more vigorous of the two) and a little indent beginning to form above the guts of my brows from continuous furrowing. In 100% complete transparency, I considered Botox.

It’s like these little shits appeared almost overnight. But after reading and reading about Botox, and also because of the Holistic-minded lifestyle I lead, I decided I’m not heading that path without at least trying some alternatives first. And only when I’m just completely unsatisfied when I look in the mirror. So one of the very best items on my list was the Nuface Trinity. Now this little beauty’s main function is not actually just wrinkles. It’s more about fine lines, toning & tightening the skin and muscles on the real face with something known as Microcurrent, or the “5-minute facial-lift”. Retraining them in a genuine way.

I took this reasoning as possibly being able to soften my bulgy looking muscles in my own forehead by “training them” to move in the contrary path. My main issue was my forehead and a few very tiny little pucker lines needs to form using one aspect of my lips. Also, a little lift of the brows as well maybe.

  • 16 ounce bottle with snap cap
  • The most wasted day is the one with no smiles or laughter
  • Eat healthy foods
  • Use a Scrub ONLY ONE TIME Per Week

I poured over the web site, reviews, and YouTube videos for months. I read in so far as I could on this little gadget and all the advantages of microcurrent for the face. It seemed that the Trinity, more specifically the Ele attachment, was what I needed. However, with my Christmas money from my parents even, it just wasn’t in my budget. THEREFORE I hesitantly pulled the result in on the limited model rose precious metal NuFace mini.

I had expectations that this would work on my issues, and even though I understood deep inside the Trinity was the better option, I hoped maybe this version would buy me some time until I possibly could afford the big weapons. I finished up purchasing my mini from skinstore and they shipped it really quickly! The day I got it I had developed to charge it, so I didn’t get to use it before the following day.

That morning hours I woke up, offered my face for an instant clean and immediately sat within my vanity and slathered the surface primer gel around my face. I had been a little nervous but flipped it on the medium setting and glided it across my lower jaw per the instructions. I sensed a tiny feeling, but nothing unpleasant.

I did all the quadrants of my face as recommended. The only modification I did so do was move the surface from those little bulges above my brows, outward, in hopes of comforting them a little. The indent that I hated so much was gone and I did so notice a subtle difference in my face! I used to be extremely happy with the instant results, and got the same results the next couple times I used the device.

I do get an extremely tiny bit of muscle fatigue, but I’m supposing this would decrease in time. Ok, which means this is where it appears that this review is going for a change for the most severe. But I assure you, this isn’t a poor review in the slightest. I did so come back the NuFace mini. But I promise that I didn’t return it because I used to be unhappy with it.