Luxurious Yet Affordable

Overlooking the magnificent Arabian Sea at the end of Marine Drive in Mumbai is Hotel Marine Plaza, a fashionable, 5-star hotel in Mumbai setting top-notch criteria in comfort and hospitality. The Glass bottom pool and Jacuzzi on the top of this fabulous 5-star hotel in Mumbai bring out the ‘Unique Marine Experience idea of this Boutique Hotel in Mumbai. The services are truly class apart and the rooms have been given five – celebrity treatments with every amenity to relieve and satisfy every visitor.

This 5-celebrity hotel in Mumbai provides luxury accommodation in its 40 gorgeously done Exclusive Suites including 28 Spacious, Sea facing Rooms. All of the rooms are thoughtfullyinstalled with modern conveniences like bathroom with tub, minibar, satellite television on pc, luxurious living area, spacious work area, Jacuzzi, Hi-Speed Internet others, and Gain access to. The visual yet richly interiors of a minimalist is had by the rooms and relaxing aura.

Hotel Marine Plaza in Mumbai offers cosmopolitan cuisines in its specialty restaurants. The eating restaurant has a broad selection to choose from International specialties to cultural flavors. It also daily serves extensive Buffet menu. The 24-hour dinning restaurant ‘The Bayview is a blissful place for its calm ambience that creates savory delicacies because of their guests.

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Evening can be appreciated at the luxurious Geoffreys – The Pub that will take you to an environment of enchantment and ecstasy. To add a sense of rejuvenation and appeal to one’s soul and spirit, Hotel Marine Plaza in Mumbai is obviously the best spot to be as it offers facilities that soothe a weary spirit. Glass-bottom level pool, Spa, Jacuzzi, Aerobics Room, fitness center, discotheque, and other fitness and fun facilities are also available at this Boutique Hotel in Mumbai.

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