Original Beauty Box Cosmetic Travel Organizer (Large)

I love your travel makeup bag! I love your makeup case! Pilar, Just what a great bag. I love how you have your structured. The make strap is a good addition too. Hope you are ready for spring pretty girl. I love seeing your beautiful make-up colors. Ted got a call, they found a match for his bone marrow transplant.

I haven’t had a make up bag since the Kaboodles! I throw mine in a little zip pouch once I travel but this is the bag looks awesome. I love the sections. That’s a cool cosmetic travel organizer. Plenty of pockets for all your make-up, and it’s so organized. We really need something like that when we travel. I could definitely see why you like this case Pilar! It looks like such a practical and functional way to keep your makeup organized for travel. This is a lovely case!

You can fit so many makeup products inside the situation! I donĀ“t travel enough to warrant having an extra-handbag for this, but I really like the known fact that it’s customizable. I want that travel case! All arranged its every woman fantasy! Excellent post (as always)! It looks like it has a lot of space, and everything organized too effectively.

Love your makeup bag. Appears like that would work great. Oh, wow this is great! I don’t generally travel wit anywhere near this much make up but sometimes not. This would be great for journeying. Though also bad because you would be soooo enticed to pack everything into it. Which is good but bad in terms of weight restrictions hahaha! I’m so happy this case has a removable shoulder strap!

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I love Spring, but Spring doesn’t love me lol. I have awful allergies and sinuses in general. I’m so pleased to hear about Ted finding a match for his bone marrow transplant! Blessings to you and Ted! I’ve had so most of them over the years! I love that makeup case has sections that you can personalize! This makeup case is likely to be amazing to use for traveling!

This makeup case is likely to be amazing for travel. I’ve put so many different products in the makeup case! This case is ideal for storing sample products as well also! I really like that I could fit so many makeup products inside this makeup case! I’m so happy this makeup case is customizable! This makeup case is definitely worth purchasing!

Thanks, and you’re welcome! This makeup case makes organizing cosmetics so easy! I have the top case, and it offers so much space! I agree, I pointed out this is the case an MUA might use for storing their kit! I almost forgot about weight limitations! It really is tempting to pack everything!

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