14 Ideas To Make Your Websites STICK OUT

Picture this: You’re heading to a big event, everyone who can change where your life would be, and a lot is riding on how you present yourself. In the end it’s about first impressions. And that means you choose a sleek outfit, match it with great formal shoes, dab on some perfume, wear an elegant watch, and feel just like a million dollars. Your confidence is at its peak. You’re at the door of the venue of the function, you pull yourself up, back straight, mind kept confidently high and you’re going to slay!

So you step into the room and…everyone else is putting on the same clothing as you. How does that feel? Most importantly, how does that fare for you? It screws your likelihood of being noticed, being approached, and striking a deal. Which is how your website seems in the room of the internet, when it is designed by you predicated on a typical format. There’s a cut-throat digital competition today, and if you’re seeking to make your website big – whether in conditions of making an income from it or using it for branding – the same old design methods won’t work anymore.

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Unless the websites you design resonate with your clients’ audience, who by the way are released to new and better options regularly, these websites won’t thrive. It’s true, but something as easy as web-page design can cripple its potential. Want to create stunning websites for clients every single time? Want them to not merely keep coming back, but referring you to more potential clients?

The answer is simple, you need to be different – good different. But given how bogged down by work you are, how will you have a day off to work your creative juices and come up with something different? You don’t we do this for you. We’ve picked a few of the creative ways in which you can revolutionize a website or create an eye-popping one which would keep your clients and their customers happy. So relax, browse through our list, fill up on these, and utilize them abundantly whether by themselves or in conjunction to make a masterpiece each and every time. The feeling of an achievement that earning a badge entails is inspiration for readers to keep returning.

Take Foursquare for example, while the primary objective is to encourage people to check-in frequently, the game aspect of it with badges for every known level and accomplishments make this one a favorite. Focusing on a content-based website? Use badges for different degrees of connections to nudge these to level up. Or is it an e-commerce website? Use badges for customers who cross a certain purchase amount. Make this extra-special giving them some privilege offers and discounts. Badges are excellent in announcing information also. Want to tell your customers your products are to notify or authentic them of an upcoming sale?

Badges are an attention-grabbing, concise and attractive way of conveying important info. Here’s a couple of vintage-styled badges that would add extra oomph to your projects. We’ve cringed at the choice of font and font color for certain backdrops. You don’t have to be an interior designer to learn it won’t work. And perhaps it’s the risk of doing something wrong that retains designers from experimenting whatsoever. In the final end, you’re still left with boring fonts that don’t maintain your readers’ attention.

Just switching up something as mundane as your font could dramatically change your last look. Some fonts to complement the culture of the website well. For instance, if yours is a fashion-based one or one that caters to youth mostly, the Break font will be a great pick. This by the true way has more regarding the efficiency part.