Patience is a Virtue. Having Virtue is a sign of the good moral being. Good moral beings have the power to get over evil and change the world. Trust THE PROGRAM, Judy. 48 hours, though nobody knew when exactly, and nothing at all could stop this RV release. Over the weekend Prosperity Package deal delivery was expected.

Paymasters weren’t expecting liquidity until Mon. Aug. 5. Reports from Europe where banks were closed for Holiday, said all would be liquid when their banking institutions reopened Mon. That would place exchange/redemption visits set to begin Mon. It was rumored that the Whales, SKRs, Groups, all Tiers, and everyone would be producing liquid all at once.

1. Paymasters weren’t expecting liquidity until Mon. 2. They decided everyone would be liquid simultaneously and Europe had not been heading until Mon. 3. Over the weekend The Prosperity Deals were credited out. 4. Over the weekend with liquidity starting Mon It appeared that they might be taking consultations. 1. Sources were silent.

2. DECLAS was being prepared to take place. 3. All offenses would be open. 4. Legal prosecution would be fierce. 5. Those involved in human trafficking and sacrificial activities would face a federal execution. 6. The RV currency redemption phase was expected to start shortly. 7. The Quantum ECONOMIC CLIMATE (QFS) was expected to be implemented after the RV currency redemption phase was completed.

  1. N = Amount of coupon payments, calculated as (Variety of Payments each year) * (Period of time)
  2. Acting as
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