How long will it take to actually see weight reduction? I lost around 26kg (nearly 60 pounds) in something like 16 months, I acquired my weight stabilized (forget about big variants) through the 18th month. I began from 113kg (250 pounds) and I’m now at 87kg (191 pounds). It could have been faster but that wasn’t my plan. I’ve always thought that loosing weight is a state of mind. Once you’re in the weight-loss process, it doesn’t matter how long it will require. I tried many things because I did not want to face the truth: my nourishing habits/my lifestyle was not good.

It wasn’t the most severe (I’ve always eaten a great deal of vegetables and other healthy stuff) but it wasn’t sufficient (especially alcohol, glucose habits, and processed foods). You’ll read all over the Internet (and here too) tales about how to lose excess fat, to lose weight, to get six-pack, … but you’ll have to stay on course. You’ll finally find out that you can’t be on an eating plan and, once at the wanted weight, make contact with your previous feeding behaviors.

You’ll finally find out that sport won’t make you loose weight, it can help for certain (especially at the beginning) but it won’t cause you to fit or as fit as you want. You’ll figure out that you need to change your way of life finally. That’s why it long took me so, it was a journey. Sometimes it was frustrating: “Why the hell … Read more